Mahalaxmi – Adyar is the name and only place I can trust. Their unique collections are simply excellent.If I need to buy even a bit off gold I land only at Mahalaxmi – Adyar. The name itself has so much luck in it. Once you visit it keeps pulling you towards the shop often and off course you will become rich enough to do that and that is for sure. More than the shop their hospitality and respect to clients are wordless. My association with them is for last 20 years. Whenever I wear their jewellery there will be so much of enquiry take place. In fact unknown people will start talking to me to find out where I bought it. It’s more like my family shop. I trust. I buy. Would love to keep doing that onlywith Mahalaxmi.It reaches your home with Luck andGods own blessing.

I wish them all the very best for coming years.