Flexi Gold


Flexi Gold Plan is a smart advance payment plan which helps you to buy your dream jewellery with ease. Gold is purchased, every month on your behalf and accumulated into your account for a period of 11 months. At the end of the plan you can choose either to buy jewellery equivalent to gold accumulated in your account or jewellery equivalent to amount accumulated. Flexi Gold Plan gives you complete protection against price fluctuation.

Why should I join Flexi Gold Plan?
Flexi Gold is an excellent plan that empowers you to save money and to buy your dream jewellery with ease.
What is the monthly advance amount to join this plan?
Rs.20,000/-, Rs.10,000/-, Rs.5,000/-, Rs.2,000/-, Rs.1,000/-
What is the duration of the plan?
>Flexi Gold Plan is an 11 months duration plan.
Can I save monthly installments in terms of Gold?
Yes, gold is purchased at the prevailing price of installment and same is accumulated in to your account.
What is “accumulated gold”?
Flexi Gold Plan gives you two option of calculating gold. One, simple gold accumulated over period of 11 months and two, gold weight calculated based amount accumulated and rate at the time of maturity.
What is special about Flexi Gold Plan? What makes it stand out from other Plan?

1. Complete protection against gold price fluctuation.

2. Option to buy based on gold accumulated or amount accumulated, whichever is best for you.

3. No Wastage up to 15% on accumulated gold.

4. Get exciting Joining Gift.

What is the deadline to pay my monthly Installment?
You can pay monthly installment at your convenience between 1st and 10th every month.
What are the options available to pay my monthly Installments?
You can pay monthly installments through cash, cheque, debit or credit card and online on www.mgdm.in
What can we purchase?
You can buy only 916 gold Jewellery.
Up to how much percentage Wastage I am eligible to buy under this plan?
On completion of eleven months from the date of enrollment the member will be eligible to avail No Wastage up to 15% on 916 gold Jewellery (except special items like Diamond, Platinum, Uncut Diamonds, Ruby, Emerald, Ethnic, Vintage, Silver articles and other jewellery) limited to accumulated gold.
What if the gold jewellery I purchase exceeds the accumulated gold in the plan?
If the gold jewellery exceeds the accumulated gold, then you have to bear wastage and other charges for extra grams.
What will happen if I discontinue the Plan?
The plan requires you to pay 11 consecutive installments, without any default, to get all benefits.
No. No. of Advances Paid Joining Gift No wastage up to 15%
1. 1 – 7 X * X
2. 8 or 9 Y 50%
3. 10 or 11 Y y

* Amount for the free gift given during joining of the plan will be reduced from the accumulated amount and you can purchase any jewellery for the balance amount without any benefits.
Will cash be refunded?
Cash will not be refunded under any circumstances, as per Government regulations.
How do I know the weight of Gold accumulated?
This will be updated in the receipt book on a monthly basis at the time of making the advance payment.
Can I all the monthly payments in advance?
The monthly payments cannot be carried over or paid in advance.
Can I purchase special items like Diamond, Platinum, Uncut Diamonds,Ruby / Emerald, Ethnic, Pooja Items?
Yes, you can purchase special items with Wastage and making charges as applicable. However, you are eligible for rebate of 15% wastage on accumulated gold.
Can the member purchase watches in this plan?
The member will not be eligible to purchase watches.
Is the monthly advance amount fixed or variable?
The Monthly advance payment amount is fixed.